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TODAY IN CLIMATISTA POWER GRABBING: ‘Sustainability Officer’ at UN summit demands to end paper cups


There’s another UN world climate conference under way over in Germany right now, which I have resolutely ignored because life is too short, and besides, Trump has doomed the planet by withdrawing from the Paris Accord, so what’s the point?

However, I do have some friends who are gluttons for punishment and are attending. One of them sends along this note:

I had just purchased my morning cup of tea and was waiting for it to steep when a fellow in a suit and a long dark overcoat approached the 20-somethings behind the counter and introduced himself as one of the “Sustainability Officers” of the conference. Why, he demanded to know—and I mean demanded—were they serving customers their coffee and tea in paper cups instead of ceramic cups. After berating the staff for this transgression against sustainability for a few minutes, he stormed (trooped?) away in a green huff, leaving in his wake some shaken and bewildered kids. Now just imagine that attitude on an industrial scale.

Imagining that on an industrial scale is what gets climatistas up in the morning. What fun is saving the world if you can’t be authoritarian about it?