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Video: Skeptic Morano confronts French Prez Macron at UN climate summit: ‘Trump is correct on climate change’

Climate Depot Exclusive

BONN, Germany — Climate Depot’s Marc Morano shook hands and confronted French President Emmanuel Macron at the UN climate summit in Bonn Germany on November 15, 2017.

Morano shook hands and told President Macron: “President Trump is correct on climate change. I just want to say that. He is.”

Macron, laughed as he did a doubletake and the comment drew a smile. CFACT’s Morano and Craig Rucker were part of a toast to U.S. climate policy at a climate summit on November 10th in Germany. See: Cheers! Skeptics toast U.S. exit from Paris pact at UN climate summit in Germany

Morano shakes hands with Macron at UN climate summit in Bonn, Germany

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