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Facts vs. radicals at COP 23

by Craig Rucker

COP 23 is a UN conference laden with big disconnects.

President Trump wants out.

The developing world wants handouts.

Europe wants electric cars, wind turbines, solar panels and CO2, too.

India and China want economic advantage.

The young Left wants to destroy Capitalism, energy and everything that sustains their sheltered lifestyles.

In the negotiating zone, CFACT’s Marc Morano stood up and questioned the Pan African Congress about their petition to kick the U.S. out of the climate conference. We posted video at CFACT’s Facebook page. The U.S. should not be allowed to participate, they explained, unconcerned that the U.S. remains a member of the UN climate convention. The U.S. in fact picks up around 20% of the UN’s climate tab. Maybe a group of nations demanding “accelerated” payments shouldn’t rush to kick out a big spender.

Morano also had a chance to interview former UN climate boss Christiana Figueres. He asked her about her infamous statement that the UN will control a “centralized transformation” of our lives. Figueres laughed the statement off as if she had never made it in the first place.

The Trump administration scheduled a constructive panel on ways that clean use of nuclear power and fossil fuels can be used to decrease CO2 emissions (if that’s your thing). A loud group of left-wing young people sang, chanted and for a prolonged period stopped the forum from proceeding (pictured in photo above). We posted video, pictures and more at and Climate Depot.

The protesters sat in a circle and blocked the hallway chanting, singing and holding up banners. CFACT decided to engage.

“Keep it in the ground!” they shouted, referring to fossil fuels. “How many of you came here on a jet plane?” a CFACT spokesmen retorted.

“No oil!” they screamed.” “What’s your banner made of nylon? Rayon?” CFACT’s team jibbed back.

“What are the pigments made of?” “’Sí se puede!” they shouted, reprising the Obama campaign’s “yes we can!” slogan. “Who’s got a plastic smart phone?” CFACTers needled.

“The people, united, can never be defeated!” They shouted. “Who came here on a diesel train?” CFACT retorted. And so it went.