Al Gore Says The ‘Worst Of Climate Deniers’ Have ‘Captured’ Trump’s Mind


Former Vice President Al Gore said he tried and failed to bring President Donald Trump around on the topic of manmade global warming, claiming that “climate deniers” have “captured” the president’s mind.

“I haven’t had any conversations with [Trump] since his speech to withdraw from Paris. I tried my best and thought he’d come to his senses but I’ve been proven wrong,” Gore told The Guardian in an interview.

“I don’t feel I have the ability to change his mind. He’s surrounded himself with the absolute worst of climate deniers who seem to have captured his mind on the issue,” said Gore, who spoke alongside California Gov. Jerry Brown at the United Nations climate summit in Bonn, Germany.

Gore, Brown and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg led their own delegation of U.S. states and cities pledging to meet the goals of the Paris climate accord. They hope to convince the rest of the world that the U.S. won’t actually be leaving the Paris deal.

“The US cities and states have made a tremendous difference and I think the reaction of the rest of the world has minimized the damage done by Donald Trump,” Gore said. “The reaction to Trump is if anything stronger than the actions Trump is taking.”