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UN climate summit = Bonn COP massiveness

by David Wojick, Ph.D.,

How many climate alarmists does it take to write the rules of world domination? In the case of the upcoming Bonn meeting the answer is well over 20,000. I am not making this up.

This meeting is the annual Conference of the Parties (the COP!) of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The rulebook is for the so-called Paris Agreement, which is now also being called the Paris Pact. Maybe it should be called the Paris Pack, as in wolf pack. The UNFCCC has been around since 1992 so this Bonn meeting is COP 23.

COP 22 was in Morocco, where they started writing the Paris Pact rule book. Here are the astounding official attendance figures:

Last year The UN Climate Change Conference brought together over 22,500 participants, including nearly 15,800 government officials, 5,400 representatives of UN bodies and agencies, intergovernmental organizations and civil society organizations, and 1,200 members of the media.

The huge number of over 15,000 government officials makes it clear that these COPs are global government actions, not just activism or advocacy and certainly not science. The fact that their purpose — climate control — is scientifically absurd is not relevant. They are in Bonn to write rules.