A leading researcher in climate change trends at one of the U.S.’s leading universities for scientific research called out the media for making blatantly false claims about a new climate change report released on Friday.

Roger Pielke Jr., whom The Daily Caller News Foundation described as an “expert on extreme weather trends and natural disaster costs,” called out The New York Times and others whom he said are making false claims about the new report from the National Climate Assessment (NCA).

In a tweetstorm, Pielke highlighted sections of the report that completely contradict the media’s claims that man is solely responsible for any climate change that is happening right now.

15/ NYT 100% wrong: “report finds that every part of the country has been touched by warming, from droughts in the SE to flooding in the MW”

17/ 1 more
Mann in NYT w/ nonsense
“increasingly destructive hurricanes, epic drought… the impacts of climate change are no longer subtle”

13/ Any politician, journo, sci claiming that new US climate report supports attributing trends in extremes to human causes is just wrong

Pielke tweeted out excerpts from the report that clearly refute the media’s claims that man-made climate change is occurring.

1/ The 4th US National Climate Assessment is out
I expect you’ll want to hear what it says about extreme weatherhttps://science2017.globalchange.gov

Climate Science Special Report:

This report is an authoritative assessment of the science of climate change, with a focus on the United States. It represents the first of two volumes of the Fourth National Climate Assessment,…


2/ Hurricanes: “there is still low confidence that any reported long-term (multidecadal to centennial) increases in TC activity are robust”

3/ Tornadoes: “A particular challenge in quantifying the existence and intensity of these events arises from the data source” (so, meh)

4/ Winter storms: “Analysis of storm tracks indicates that there has been an increase in winter storm frequency and intensity since 1950”

5/ Drought: “drought statistics over the entire CONUS have declined … no detectable change in meteorological drought at the global scale”

6/ “Western N. Am…. where determining if observed recent droughts were unusual compared to natural variability was particularly difficult”

8/ “IPCC AR5 did not attribute changes in flooding to anthro. influence nor report detectable changes in flooding mag, duration, or freq”

9/ In US “incrsing & decrsing flooding magnitude but does not provide robust evidence that these trends are attrbutable to human influences”

10/ “no formal attribution of observed flooding changes to anthropogenic forcing has been claimed”

11/ Precipitation A: “a number of precipitation metrics over the continental United States has been examined; however …”

12/ Precipitation B: “… tends identified for the U.S. regions have not been clearly attributed to anthropogenic forcing”

According to his bio page at the University of Colorado’s Center for Science & Technology Research, Pielke was a Scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research for nearly a decade before joining the university. He also received the Eduard Brückner Prize in Munich, Germany in 2006 for outstanding achievement in interdisciplinary climate research.