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Pielke Jr. rips NYT & media for being ‘100% wrong’ about new fed climate study

The New York Times, for example, reported “that every part of the country has been touched by warming, from droughts in the Southeast to flooding in the Midwest to a worrying rise in air and ground temperatures in Alaska, and conditions will continue to worsen.”

But that is not correct, according to University of Colorado professor Roger Pielke, Jr., an expert on extreme weather trends and natural disaster costs.

Pielke pointed out that the NCA largely pretty much entirely echoes past climate assessments when it comes to extreme weather events, like storms, droughts, wildfires and floods.

But NYT’s narrative about Americans already feeling the effect of global warming-induced extreme weather was echoed by other major outlets.

“And Americans are already experiencing the effects of climate change through heavier rainfall, coastal flooding, drought, more frequent heatwaves and wildfires, and earlier snow melt,” AFP reported of the NCA, released Friday.

The Washington Post said the report found “climate change is driven almost entirely by human action” and “enumerates climate-related damage across the United States that is already occurring as a result of 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit of global warming since 1900.”

Pielke went through the NCA’s findings when it comes to extreme weather trends in the U.S., finding, unsurprisingly, there’s little evidence linking man-made warming to such trends.