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Climate Skeptic Texas Rep. Lamar Smith Will Not Run for Reelection

is Texas Congressman Lamar Smith Will Not Run for Reelection Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, leaves the House Republican Conference meeting in the Capitol on Wednesday morning, Sept. 7, 2016.   Bill Clark—CQ-Roll Call,Inc. By Associated Press November 2, 2017 (WASHINGTON) — Rep. Lamar Smith, a climate change skeptic who chairs the House Science, Space and […]


Date: 01/11/17 Rene Orth et al., Environmental Research Letters ‘Our results show medium confidence that summer mean temperatures and maximum temperatures in Central Europe in 1540 were warmer than the respective present-day mean summer temperatures.’   Abstract: There is strong evidence that the year 1540 was exceptionally dry and warm in Central Europe. Here we infer 1540 summer […]

NASA: ‘Natural Variability,’ Not The UN, Shrank The Ozone Layer Hole

By MICHAEL BASTASCH The extent of the dreaded “hole” in the Earth’s ozone layer over Antarctica is the smallest it’s been since government scientists began monitoring it nearly three decades ago. Some attributed the shrunken ozone layer to the ratifying of the Montreal Protocol in the 1980s. In that agreement, countries agreed to phase out ozone-depleting chemicals […]

The Media Tried Attacking Rick Perry For Saying Electricity Can Prevent Sexual Assault In Africa The Media Tried Attacking Rick Perry For Saying Electricity Can Prevent Sexual Assault In Africa MICHAEL BASTASCH 2:40 PM 11/02/2017 Share 0   Reporters on Thursday heavily criticized Energy Secretary Rick Perry for claiming that using fossil fuels to electrify Africa could help prevent sexual assaults. It turns out reporters may have been too […]

Study: U.S. climate closely follows Pacific ocean cycle known as the PDO

Anthony Watts / 2 hours ago November 2, 2017 The Effects of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation on U.S. Regional Weather A climate researcher at Cornell University, Remy Mermelstein has written an interesting and provocative paper showing the linkage between the Pacific Decal Oscillation (PDO) and the climate swings in the United States on a […]

Early freeze-up in progress on Hudson Bay – ‘Much more ice than usual’ In contrast to 2016, when freeze-up along Western Hudson Bay was about as late as its ever been (early December), ice is already forming along the shore of northern Hudson Bay. There is much more ice than usual for this date, indicated by the dark blue in the latest weekly ice chart below: The […]


TESLA’S NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS Date: 02/11/17 Bloomberg It looks like Elon Musk just canceled Thanksgiving and probably Christmas, too — if you work at Tesla Inc., anyway. The electric-vehicle-cum-battery-cum-solar-equipment company Musk heads reported third-quarter results on Wednesday evening. Tesla missed earnings forecasts by a mile. But that number, never a huge concern, mattered even less this time […]


WILL TESLA’S GREEN CAR FIASCO SINK ELON MUSK’S COMPANY? Date: 02/11/17 NBC News Few companies have done a better job of defying gravity than Tesla, but the California-based electric carmaker could see the bottom drop out, some observers are warning, after Wednesday’s worse than expected third-quarter earnings report. Tesla rolled up a July to September […]

Jerry Brown Burns Tons of CO2 in New Climate Change Trip Overseas

by CHRISS W. STREET 2 Nov 2017Newport Beach, CA137 Lame duck California Governor Jerry Brown jetted off in CO2-spewing jet planes for 14 days of galas across the European Continent and a stop in New York City to showcase his climate change credentials. Brown will give the keynote speech this week at the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of […]