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Newsweek: Hillary may have solution to ‘global warming’ — in her basement

And, in an interview Wednesday, she also revealed a previously unknown literary inclination.

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Everybody’s talking about @HillaryClinton‘s book today, but nobody is talking about the book I found on a shelf at her house this weekend 👀

Max Linsky, who interviewed Clinton in the basement of her Chappaqua, New York, home for the Longform podcast (and who co-hosted the With Her podcast with Clinton) brought up the presence of the book early in the interview.

“There’s a lot of great titles, legendary titles. One that jumped out to me is Global Warming for Dummies,” Linsky said. “It’s pretty amazing that that’s in your basement.”

Clinton laughed in response, saying, “We’ve had to pull it out to try to talk to people. People don’t want to listen, so Bill and I got kind of desperate.”

It’s hard to imagine and impossible to say whether the Clintons have actually ever whipped out a copy of the book to walk visitors or prospective voters through the finer points of the carbon cycle. Perhaps the two have read it themselves to get a better handle on the issue. The actual origins and use of the book aside, Clinton did offer her own condensed explanation of global warming during her interview:

“You know, there’s an atmosphere, and there are these things called greenhouse gases, and they trap heat and that affects water temperature and, oh my gosh, have you heard of Harvey and Irma and maybe Jose?”

She added, “We look at any source we can find to try to explain things to people.”