Hurricane Irma is massive, killing dozens and destroying homes as it barreled through the Caribbean on its way to Florida.

And that’s just how one leftist website would have it. In fact,, which says it’s “for lovers of news, culture, and politics” and “produces some of the best-loved social content on the web,” hopes the deadly hurricane does more destruction.

“If it’s any consolation, Hurricane Irma might fuck up Trump’s Caribbean mansion,” the website wrote on Tuesday, before the storm ripped through St. Martin.

The only silver lining is that while Irma ravages the Caribbean, one building at risk is the president’s $16.9 million, 11-bedroom compound on Plum Bay in the French territory St. Martin.

According to the Washington Post, the estate is named Le Château des Palmiers (“Castle of the Palms”) and sports two villas, a tennis court, marble floors, gold curtains, gold-hued wallpaper, and a two-story master suite. Despite ethics concerns, Trump’s been trying to sell the thing for months and recently cut the price by 40% because nobody is biting. It’s located directly in Irma’s path and will likely get destroyed.

Just something funny to remember when Mar-a-Lago refuses to provide shelter for displaced Floridians on Friday.

That IS funny! Hilarious! Such biting social content!