All those worries about the inevitable, catastrophic rise in sea levels due to man-caused global warming don’t appear to be factoring into the former First Couple’s calculus in their next big real estate purchase — even with Earth-hating Donald Trump leading America straight into the “wrong side of history” on climate change.

According to The Boston Globe, the Obamas are likely about to throw down a whole lot of money for some property right on the edge of that dramatically rising ocean.

Though local realtors are “tight-lipped” on the Obamas’ rumored property shopping in the famed elitist haven of Martha’s Vineyard, anonymous sources told the Boston Globe that the Obamas are looking for either land or houses in the less populated northern areas (all of which, just to remind you, were stolen from the Native Americans):

The 44th president and his wife, Michelle, are believed to be focused “up island,” looking at homes or buildable lots in the rural communities of Aquinnah, Chilmark, and West Tisbury. (It’s worth noting that the Obamas have always rented “up island,” including for a two-week stay this summer.)

No one’s talking, least of all realtors, but we’re told that one property that may be getting a long look is a magnificent waterfront outpost in Aquinnah owned by Caroline Kennedy and her husband, Edwin Schlossberg. A few years ago, the couple, who inherited from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis the 377-acre Red Gate Farm overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, subdivided the property and put two parcels on the market. provides some aerial shots of two potential lots, which are both exactly where you do NOT want to build a multi-million-dollar house if you actually believe Al Gore’s dire predictions:

Just how much money are we talking? The lots above are $15 million and $12 million alone. Building in the area is outrageously expensive, even for a couple with “political advantage” like the Obamas, as some of the local agents who talked to highlighted:

“Being on the ocean creates its own challenges, like steps constantly washing out, erosion of land, and painting needing to be done more consistently because of salt,” says real estate agent Joy Cifuni. “Picking the right builder is the most important step they could possibly make.” …

“As good as a builder may be, problems always arise, causing delays,” says Denise Supplee, a property management specialist at SparkRental. “And although the Obamas do have a political advantage, there is much to deal with in zoning, licensing, permits, and ground preparation.”

Another complication: some of the property might be on Wampanoag land…

“The Obamas need to check all permits, and [see] if their land can be subdivided, and if it’s on Wampanoag land,” says Julianne Kavoussi, who has owned a home in the Edgartown part of the Vineyard for 20 years. The Wampanoag are Native American people who, she says, own a good portion of Aquinnah.

Like Gore, whose home uses 34 times more energy than the average American home, the Obamas are showing exactly how much they’re really haunted by the Left’s favorite apocalyptic theory. As for the possible Native American land issue, well with all their “political connections,” they should be able to work that out easy enough.