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CNN’s Chris Cuomo frets Harvey: Implies government policies can ‘find ways to reduce the number of these storms’

Photo of Amber Athey

Media Reporter

Kellyanne Conway took CNN’s Chris Cuomo to task for trying to shift the Hurricane Harvey conversation to climate change during a Wednesday night interview.

“One of the themes that’s coming out of this…is opening up a discussion about climate change,” Cuomo said. “Is the president, is the administration, open to that conversation?”

Conway brought a high level of sassiness to the conversation, telling Cuomo, “Chris, we’re literally trying to help the people whose lives are under water and you want to have a conversation about climate change.”

Cuomo argued that examining the role of climate change could reduce the number of people affected by storms, to which Conway snarked, “are you really going to play climatologist?”

“You berated me for asking the question and made it sound like I don’t care about the situation,” Cuomo whined.

“Here’s the deal: you play amateur climatologist tonight and I’ll play professional helper to those in need.” Conway said. “That’s what I’m going to do. That’s what we’re going to do here.”

Cuomo snapped back that helping people doesn’t need to exclude a conversation about climate change, to which Conway said, “I’ll come back [to talk about that].”

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