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Don’t ‘allow’ climate to change! Warmist prof. Overpeck warns of bad weather ‘as long as climate change is allowed to continue’

Climate activist professor Jonathon Overpeck from the University of Michigan warned today blamed “climate change” for bad weather and said more extreme events are on the way “as long as climate change is allowed to continue.” Overpeck, a professor in the School for Environment & Sustainability, tweeted, “This is reason FEMA flood insurance pgrm is […]

Alex Epstein praises oil & gas industry: ‘Thousands upon thousands of lives saved in Texas thanks to fossil fuels and the development they make possible’

Alex Epstein: Predictably, we’ve seen many stories blaming the damage of the storm on the fossil fuel industry and “climate change.” But those in the industry should feel proud of producing the affordable, reliable energy we need to cope with an inherently dangerous climate. Before industrial development, and in the underdeveloped world today, storms like Harvey […]

Hurricane Harvey — Nature, not man

by Craig Rucker How many solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars would we have needed to subsidize in order to prevent the tragic flooding of Houston? That question is absurd, but that is exactly the kind of daffy reasoning you’ll get when you ask climate campaigners to talk about a tragedy like Hurricane Harvey. New […]

Analysis: Record Rainfalls A Thing Of The Past AUGUST 30, 2017 By Paul Homewood We keep being told by climate alarmists that global warming is responsible for more intensive rainfall, the theory being that a warmer atmosphere can hold more moisture. Funny then that when we look at rainfall records across the US for all sorts of different timescales, we find […]

New Study on floods finds ‘approximately the number expected due to chance alone’ – No ‘global warming’ signal

CONSENSUS: Still No Connection Between Global Warming And Floods By MICHAEL BASTASCH As scientists and media pundits debate human activity’s role in Hurricane Harvey, a new study finds no evidence global warming increased flooding over North America and Europe. A study published in the Journal of Hydrology found “the number of significant trends in major-flood occurrence across […]

ALERT: ‘Southern hemisphere having one of its quietest cyclone seasons on record’ – Is this due to ‘climate change’?! Cyclone Blanche is latest to cross land in second consecutive quiet season in Australian history MORE than 200 weather records tumbled across Australia this summer and, just six days into autumn, Cyclone Blanche brought with her yet another. By Kim Stephens @kimbo_stephens MARCH 13, 20179:06AM Cyclone Blanche crosses the coast in satellite image released […]