By: - Climate DepotAugust 23, 2017 1:49 PM

Weather Channel founder: ‘So put me to death’ for climate ‘denial’

Coleman said people wrongly assume that that if he’s a climate skeptic or opposed to cap-and-trade that he’s against solar or wind power or environmentalism, “or I want to fill the oceans with plastic or something.”

Coleman insisted: “I am an environmentalist through and through. So don’t give me any of that. My son has solar on his house. And pays $16 a month for power in Palm Springs, and I’m excited about the future of graphene.”

He said a day will come when homes are coated with graphene paint and homeowners and car owners “disconnect the power line.”

“The age of fossil fuels and the electric grid will come to an end,” Coleman said. “Not in my lifetime, but possibly in yours. Time will tell and it’s all wonderful. Our life is good today not because a bunch of politicians have made laws and regulations and try to tell us how to live. Our lives are good today because of science.”