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Pre-Determined ‘Science’: The Chair of the federal climate board disbanded by Trump was a World Wildlife Fund activist

Who is Dr Richard H Moss, Ex-Chair of the Advisory Committee for the Sustained National Climate Assessment

Guest Post By Dennis Ambler: 

With the kerfuffle over the disbanding of the Advisory Committee for the Sustained National Climate Assessment, set up by President Obama in 2015, we have the usual appeals to false authority and the usual claims of “denying science”. However, a closer look reveals there is not much science here:
The committee’s chair, Dr. Richard H. Moss, a senior scientist at the Joint Global Change Research Institute, told the Post that disbanding the group was “short-sighted.”
“We’re going to be running huge risks here and possibly end up hurting the next generation’s economic prospects,” he warned.
Richard Moss is a WWF implant and has been in the climate debate for many years. More here:
Controlling the Science: National Academies and Consensus
“Moss is or was Vice President and Managing Director for Climate Change at the World Wildlife Fund. He is a former Senior Director for Climate Change and Energy, United Nations Foundation. The UNF was founded in 1998 with $1billion from Ted Turner, its President is Timothy Wirth, who helped to launch James Hansen into global warming fame in 1988.
Moss has been a member of the IPCC since 1993. He was a Review editor for IPCC AR5 WGII Ch. 14, “Adaptation needs and options”. From 2000 to 2006, he served as director of the coordination office for the United States Climate Change Science Program.
His doctorate is in Public and International Affairs.”
His WWF appointment is now described as a “Business Leave of Absence”:
He led preparation of the US government’s 10-year climate change research plan (2003) for which he was awarded the United States Department of Energy‘s Distinguished Associate award.
He was named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 2006 and a fellow of the Aldo Leopold Leadership Program in 2001.
He has MPA and PhD degrees from Princeton University in public and international affairs and a BA degree from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota


Donna LaFramboise queried his role in IPCC in 2011: