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Al Gore calling global warming a ‘spiritual issue’

By Thomas Lifson
Frantic to promote his box office dud, An Inconvenient Sequel, former Vice President and centimillionaire energy hog Al Gore is giving gave away his game. For the past couple of weeks, sparked by the film’s premiere, he has been telling people that “global warming” (apparently “climate change” is no longer the boogeyman – not scary enough?) is a “spiritual issue.” It is a Truth with a capital T that must not be questioned, but rather taken as a sign of faith, the sole path to redemption for our sins.

Evidently, this is calculated strategy for him, as he has used multiple forums to make the claim, Starting on the first of this month, he used the CNN airwaves and website for a massive campaign, as reported by The Daily Caller’s Michael Bastach:

Former Vice President Al Gore told a Catholic priest that tackling man-made global warming is “not a political issue, it is a moral and spiritual issue” during a town hall event on CNN Tuesday night.

“I’m a Protestant, but I can tell you because of Pope Francis I really could become a Catholic,” Gore said in response to the priest’s question.

CNN hosted a “climate crisis” town hall with Gore on Tuesday night where people could ask him question about global warming. Gore’s newest film “An Inconvenient Sequel” had its limited release Friday.

CNN promoted Gore’s town hall event by flooding the front page of its website with “grim” global warming coverage. The news network highlighted two studies that came to “a grim conclusion on climate,” finding global warming could bring on “extinctions and super droughts.”

The anthropogenic Global warming hypothesis is not a scientific question for investigation, it is a religious truth handed down from “scientists,” who have apparently “voted” (by a poll – and don’t ask too many questions about exactly who was polled) and handed down the doctrine that Must Not Be Questioned. Scientific skepticism, the very heart of the scientific method, must be shunned in the name of Gaia, and her prophet Al Gore.

Here is his latest chapter, captured on by C-SPAN:

Sanctimony is a dangerous emotional state when tethered to secular causes.