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NYT’s Paul Krugman laments ‘The Axis of Climate Evil’ – Krugman: ‘I can’t think of a single prominent climate skeptic who isn’t obviously arguing in bad faith’

By Paul Krugman “It’s Not Your Imagination: Summers Are Getting Hotter.” So read a recent headline in The Times, highlighting a decade-by-decade statistical analysis by climate expert James Hansen. “Most summers,” the analysis concluded, “are now either hot or extremely hot compared with the mid-20th century.” So what else is new? At this point the […]

Australian bank sued over failure to disclose ‘climate risks’

By Megan Darby An Australian couple filed a climate lawsuit against one of the country’s “big four” banks on Tuesday, in a test case with international implications. Shareholders Guy and Kim Abrahams allege the Commonwealth Bank of Australia failed to disclose risks it faces that relate to climate change. Represented by law firm Environmental Justice Australia, they will […]

‘Staggering’ Ice Melt ‘Deceptions’: Greenland’s Ice Sheet Melt Has Added Just 0.39 Of A Centimeter To Global Sea Levels Since 1993

By Kenneth Richard on 7. August 2017 Exposing ‘Staggering’ Ice Sheet Melt Deceptions In recent months, two new papers published in The Cryosphere have provided a condensed summary of the ice-melt and sea-level-rise consequences of global warming for the Arctic region. 1.  Between 1900 and 2010, the Greenland Ice Sheet (GIS) has melted so extensively and so rapidly that the […]

Expert Software Engineer Calls Level Of ‘Fraud’ In ‘Leaked’ US Gov Climate Report ‘Sickening’

By P Gosselin on 11. August 2017 Software engineering expert Tony Heller has put out a video blasting recent claims made in report by U.S. government officials. In the video below Heller, who also operates the influential Real Climate Science site here, says that there is an “extremely high probability of fraud by government climate scientists” regarding the recently leaked report […]

UK Met Office Accused Of Misleading BBC Audience Over Extreme Weather

 Via: GWPF Newsletter 11/08/17 Met Office Accused Of Misleading BBC Audience Over Extreme Weather BBC Defends Lord Lawson Climate Change Interview The world is presently in an era of unusually low weather disasters. This holds for the weather phenomena that have historically caused the most damage: tropical cyclones, floods, tornadoes and drought. Given how weather […]

Warmist review of Gore’s sequel: ‘It just didn’t have a good story’ – ‘It’s just middling’ – ‘Inept’ – ‘Ambling narrative structure’ –

“Inconvenient Truth” Sequel: We needed Empire Strikes Back, but we got Clone Wars. PUBLISHED AUGUST 7, 2017 BY RANDY OLSON Excerpts:  Gore continues to surround himself with people who don’t really know what they’re doing. As a result, his new movie isn’t bad, it’s just middling. He is the proverbial “And, And, And” voice — […]