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“… the future of human civilization is under threat. …”

– From Al Gore’s new $25.99 book accompanying film

At least 26 alarmist movements in history proved to be “phony baloney.” All that was needed was the passage of time to debunk them. So it’s time to padlock your gates or risk getting gored by one of today’s master manipulators.

Al Gore is an environmental alarmist making mega-millions from his cause. The Climate Control Caped Crusader’s latest offering is a sequel to his famous film, “An Inconvenient Truth.” Opening in theaters nationwide, the abbreviated title is, “An Inconvenient Sequel,” and I hope this commentary saves you the inconvenience of spending $10 for what is mainly another hundred-minute hoax!

The documentary is typical fear-mongering propaganda on what even President Obama came to believe was the “greatest long-term threat facing the world.” “It’s “terrifying,” he once said, warning it would create a refugee crisis “unprecedented in human history” before pledging billions of taxpayer money to the cause. Numerous Hollywood celebrities heralded the former vice president’s claims as they wasted massive amounts of energy on their private jets wisking them off to vacation playgrounds.

President Trump believes climate change is a “hoax,” and tens of millions of informed Americans concur. He withdrew the U.S. from the controversial Paris Climate Accord to help balance our budget and redirect funds to essentials.

Mr. Gore, the now extremely wealthy global-warming cheerleader who capitalized on the cause, says the battle against climate change is like the fight against slavery!

Remember March 9, 1999, when he told us, “I took the initiative in creating the Internet.” He also said he and his ex-wife, Tipper, were the inspiration for Erich Segal’s classic “Love Story,” which the author quickly debunked as a falsehood in 1997.

Al’s latest entrepreneurial venture comes a decade after the first documentary. Like the first one, it portrays him traveling tirelessly championing the cause.

A worried, wealthy neighbor

On Jan. 26, 2006, the Washington Post said Al “believes humanity may have only 10 years left to save the planet from turning into a total frying pan.” His frantic efforts made him a media darling but took a tragic toll on his marriage of 40 years that exploded in an unexpected, shocking divorce.

Today, 69-year-old Al alternates residence in two gorgeous, spacious homes in my home state of Tennessee and California. He has a new, attractive and wealthy girlfriend. He left political office with assets of $2 million but has now “greened” his bank account to over $200 million!

Gore’s first movie cost $1 million and brought in $50 million. He hauls in $175,000 speaking fees; he’s tied to at least 14 green-tech firms; Al sits strategically on certain (take a guess) boards; plus, he benefits from grants and millions in tax breaks. Al Gore is on his way to becoming what one congressional leader called “our first carbon billionaire.”

Al has been very successful in manipulating and deceiving multitudes regarding dire climate change/global warming reports. His apocalyptic fear-mongering reminds many of the 1970 Earth Day predictions that fizzled like a firecracker:

  • End of civilization in 15-30 years;
  • 100-200 million deaths by starvation yearly for 10 years;
  • a new ice age by 2000.

Patrick Moore, the legendary past president of Greenpeace says, “There is no definitive scientific proof through real-world observation that carbon dioxide is responsible for any of the slight warming of global climate which has occurred during the past 300 years.” He rejects the “science is settled” and “the debate is over” mentality.

Last year’s poll of 17 countries found that 91 percent of Americans are not concerned about global warming. Their No. 1 concern: global terrorism. Also, a Fox News poll revealed that today only 3 percent are concerned about global warming.

This is not to say that we should be unconcerned or uninvolved regarding legitimate environmental concerns. Christians are compelled to be good stewards of God’s resources. We raised our children to honor God’s creation, avoid waste and extravagance, plus be ever-mindful of those less fortunate.

We should all make quality decisions to conserve energy and use the earth’s resources wisely and unselfishly, especially to help the poor and underprivileged (Genesis 1:28, Psalm 8:4-8). We should also intentionally resist fear stoked by doomsayers contradicting God’s promise to maintain stability in seasons and oceans (Genesis 8:22, 9:11, Jeremiah 5:22).

Gore’s previous false predictions

Ten years after Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” and its guilt- and fear-producing predictions, examine just how “accurate” his “junk science” proved to be on his way to the bank:

  1. Rising Sea Levels – inaccurate and misleading. Al was discovered purchasing a beachfront mansion!
  2. Increased Tornadoes – declining for decades.
  3. New Ice Age in Europe – they’ve been spared; it never happened.
  4. South Sahara Drying Up – completely untrue.
  5. Massive Flooding in China and India – didn’t happen.
  6. Melting Arctic – false; the largest refreezing in years occurred two years ago.
  7. Polar Bear Extinction – actually they are increasing!
  8. Temperature Increases Due to CO2 – no significant rising for almost 20 years.
  9. Katrina, a Foreshadow of the Future – false; past 10 years, no F3 hurricanes; “longest drought ever!”
  10. The Earth in a “True Planetary Emergency” Within a Decade Unless Drastic Action Taken to Reduce Greenhouse Gasses – never happened.

A while back, the liberal Washington Post admitted in an exposé that, “Al Gore has thrived as a green-tech investor.” Coincidental?

Here’s the deal: Increasingly more people are awakening to this “phony baloney” propagated by con artist multimillionaires like Mr. Gore who has amassed a fortune, rebranded himself and lives lavishly off the backs of gullible, uninformed and undiscerning people.

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. told us, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can.” Share this commentary. View the outstanding film “Climate Hustle” along with the 30 day/15 minute video/book “Bullseye Challenge” to dispel darkness with truth that’s only inconvenient to those refusing to listen!

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