CNN’s Anderson Cooper threw shade at local weathermen for being unreliable at forecasting the weather during a town hall event with former Vice President Al Gore on Tuesday.The town hall, billed as focusing on the “climate crisis,” moved to the topic of sea level rise due to global warming. At one point, Cooper showed the audience a map of the coastline of Florida now and how it projected to recede if the planet warms by 2 degrees Celsius.

Cooper then spoke of the “issues” of this map from Climate Central, a nonprofit news organization that focuses on climate change, by alluding to people’s skepticism in their local weather forecasts.

“One of the issues here, when people see maps like that, you know, weathermen can’t even tell what the weather is going to be later today,” Cooper began.

Gore replied: “Yea.”

“You trust your local weather — no offense to local weathermen, but oftentimes, you know, you’re told the weekend it’s going to be raining and it’s a sunny weekend,” he added. “Why should people believe projections of what Florida is going to look like so far in the future?”

Gore offered a bit of a correction, saying that weather forecasting on a day-by-day basis is very different from climate large-scale climate science.

“To your question, years ago, a lot of the TV weathermen and weatherwomen had the view that you just articulated, you know, we can’t even project two weeks, how can we project 20 years or 100 years?,” Gore said. “But now they’re on side, they have come around, almost all of them to say, no, we get it now. Projecting the climate is a different science than doing the day-to-day weather projections.”