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Flashback 2015: Harrison Ford on Climate Change: ‘There Won’t Be Any Damn People’

Star Wars actor and nature-worshipper Harrison Ford claims that without a Paris agreement, the human race will go extinct.

In a Dec. 9 interview with Australian Broadcasting Network’s evening news show, 7.30, host Leigh Sales asked Ford, “If the world is not able to come up with some sort of plan [at the Paris climate talks] to move forward, what are the consequences?”

“Nature will take care of itself,” Ford said before accusing people of not knowing the “value” of nature.

“If people knew the benefits of nature besides cute animals and a place for them to vacation,” Ford said, then they would understand the value of nature. He spoke about the “clean air, fresh water, um, pollinators for our crops, new medicines, new food crops,” that nature provides.

If only people knew that, they’d accept climate alarmism as fact and fight against global warming.

Ford warned that“if we don’t work together” to combat climate change, “The planet will be ok, there just won’t be any damn people on it.”

There was more than a trace of hypocrisy in Ford’s remarks, since the actor is “passionate about flying,” owns “several aircraft” and told a magazine in 2010 he would “often fly up the coast for a cheeseburger.”