The Greens are on the way down, wounded by incompetence, the waning of the great scare they fostered and the growing evidence of the terrible cost of their policies.

The result:

A leaked internal analysis showing it is on track to lose three of its nine Senate seats, as it reels from the loss of two of its most popular [sic] senators.

Sounding the alarm over the party’s plight, the Greens analysis also concludes the party is “losing the younger vote” despite­ a “priority” Greens effort to increase the party’s support among the young…

Relying on Newspoll surveys reported in The Australian, the document finds the Greens’ prim­ary vote averaged 11.2 per cent in the year before the last election but fell to an average of 9.7 per cent in the year since.

Those at the greatest risk of defeat are Sarah Hanson-Young in SA and Mr Bartlett in Queensland, assuming he replaces Ms Waters.

To make things worse:

The Greens fear another blow to their standing after the furore as Senator Di Natale waits for confirmation he has renounced Italian citizenship.

Tasmanian colleague Nick McKim is yet to produce confirmation he has given up British citizenship.

Already gone this month for having dual nationality: deputy leaders Scott Ludlam and Lariss Waters.

The Greens face long-term decline:

THE global warming scare is receding, even if the vast warming bureaucracy ensures it does not yet die completely. The Greens look increasingly desperate as they warn of disasters that never come.