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Al Gore To Be Greeted By Skeptical ‘Climate Hustle’ Film in Australia Visit

MELBOURNE, Australia — Former Vice President Al Gore has arrived in Australia and is set to address The EcoCity World Summit, on July 13 in Melbourne Australia. Gore’s visit to promote his new film, “An Inconvenient Sequel”, is coinciding with the Australian premiere of the skeptical film “Climate Hustle,” which screens July 12th in Melbourne at the […]

Al Gore Praises ‘Climate Leader’ South Australia

Guest essay by Eric Worrall South Australia’s catastrophic renewables policies have been endorsed by former Vice-President Al Gore; Gore considers South Australia to be a climate world leader. Donald Trump ‘isolated’ on climate change: Al Gore says rest of world moving on without US President 7.30 By Callum Denness The United States will meet or exceed its […]

DELINGPOLE: ‘Nearly All’ Recent Global Warming Is Fabricated, Study Finds

by JAMES DELINGPOLE9 Jul 20171,819 Much of recent global warming has been fabricated by climate scientists to make it look more frightening, a study has found. The peer-reviewed study by two scientists and a veteran statistician looked at the global average temperature datasets (GAST) which are used by climate alarmists to argue that recent years have been “the hottest evah” and that […]

Prominent NZ skeptical scientist Dr. Chris de Freitas dies

Prominent New Zealand scientist Associate Professor Chris de Freitas has died after a two-year struggle with cancer. Born in 1948, the Trindad-born scientist held many major roles at the University of Auckland, including Deputy Dean of Science and four years as Pro Vice-Chancellor. He also formerly served as vice-president of the Meteorological Society of New […]


TURKEY THREATENS NOT TO RATIFY PARIS CLIMATE ACCORD Date: 11/07/17 NDTV News HAMBURG: Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened Saturday that his country would not ratify the Paris climate accord, speaking at the end of the G20 summit in Germany. “After that step taken by America, the position that we adopt is in the direction […]

Warmist Micheal Mann criticizes alarmist NY Mag – Article ‘feeds a sense of doom, inevitability and hopelessness’

Michael Mann, a distinguished professor of atmospheric science at Pennsylvania State University and director of the school’s Earth System Science Center, called out the “doomist framing” of the piece in a lengthy Facebook post, noting that there is a danger in overstating the dangers of climate change.  “The article argues that climate change will render the Earth uninhabitable […]