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Alam Carlin: ‘Why I Spend So Much Time and Effort on Climate Skepticism’ 

Why I Spend So Much Time and Effort on Climate Skepticism

I am sometimes asked why I spend so much time on climate skepticism. Why not just ignore the climate issue and let the climate alarmists have their way at the expense of everyone else, particularly the less wealthy? The full answer can be found in my book, but the short answer is that there is too much at stake for the US and the world not to do everything possible to avoid the imposition of climate alarmist ideology. It is now clearer than ever that the alarmists have no intention of reaching a symbolic compromise that while unjustified might be livable by the rest of society. Rather, their apparent intention is to keep pushing the US and other developed countries into a fossil fuel-less society in which all energy used will come from wind and solar or a few other “renewables” but not including either hydro or nuclear. This is just what the Democratic Party included in its Party platform last year. And if their candidate had won, this is exactly what the US would now be trying to do. She even endorsed Al Gore’s objectives just before the election, perhaps in hopes of added votes from “environmentalists.” If this had happened, this is a recipe for a financial disaster and probably the end of the US as a global innovator and economic leader. The immediate reason is that their goal of a fully fossil fuel-less society cannot be achieved even if all resources available were spent on it. Rather, their goal would result in the enslavement of the US economy to this one never achievable and pointless end. Ever more technical and economic resources would be devoted to this end. And for what purpose? To lessen an alleged threat from catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) and stronger extreme weather phenomena that has never been shown to exist. The best available science shows that increased carbon dioxide has no significant effect on temperatures, and CAGW has not happened. So climate alarmism is not just the biggest scam ever perpetrated on society, but one that would do imme3nse real damages to all the objectives I have for our country, our economy, and the environment. Under a Climate Alarmist Regime, Most New Efforts Would Be Devoted to This One Dubious Purpose In the end, most new efforts would be devoted to this one dubious purpose. All fossil fueled power plants would have to be rebuilt at the expense of users. All motor vehicles would have to be replaced by their owners with electric vehicles. All housing and other buildings would have to use only electricity for fuel and be ever more air-tight and unhealthful. The population would be no better off and increasingly poorer. Government would become ever more powerful and the citizens ever worse off. In order to avoid using fossil fuels, the all encompassing electric grid would fail with increasingly regularity and more serious consequences. Electricity would become ever more expensive and unreliable. Some may think I am exaggerating, but one only needs to look at what has happened in Great Britain, Germany, Ontario, and South Australia to see what would happen here. And it will happen unless people learn how much is at stake and take a strong stand against this special interest that wants to ruin the energy-using modern world as we now know it for no real purpose at all.

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