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Analysis: Extreme Weather Is Becoming Much Less Common In The US

By Tony Heller Over the past century, the frequency of both very hot and very cold days has plummeted in the US.  The frequency of US hurricane strikes peaked below 300 PPM CO2, and have been declining as CO2 has increased. HURDAT Re-analysis Droughts are becoming less common and severe in the US. Climate at a […]

El Nino Signal Is Fading

Sea surface temperatures in the central-eastern Pacific Nino region 3.4 were just +0.4°C above the long-term average last week. Surface temperatures off the coast of Peru in Nino regions 1+2 were actually -0.1°C below average, down from +2.6°C in the middle of March. Source: El Nino Signal Is Fading

Ship of Fools III – Global Warming Study Cancelled Because of ‘Unprecedented’ Ice

by JAMES DELINGPOLE 13 Jun 20173,012 A global warming research study in Canada has been cancelled because of “unprecedented” thick summer ice. Naturally, the scientist in charge has blamed it on ‘climate change.’ According to Vice: The study, entitled BaySys, is a $17-million four-year-long program headed by the University of Manitoba. It was planning to conduct the third leg of […]

Climate-change expedition scrapped due to very severe ice conditions

A team of scientists – aboard an icebreaker, mind you! – had to abandon their expedition because of hazardous ice conditions. Ice chunks measured 16 to 26 feet (5 to 8 m) thick. The “very icy conditions” were caused by climate change, says the group’s leader. Source: Climate-change expedition scrapped due to very severe ice […]

New Climate Minister: ‘Bill Payers Must Pay For Low Carbon Transition’

The government’s newly appointed climate change minister has backed bill payer subsidies for the shift to low carbon power generation. Claire Perry was appointed climate change minister yesterday following Nick Hurd’s move to the Home Office as Theresa May continued her post-election reshuffle of the Cabinet. Source: New Climate Minister: ‘Bill Payers Must Pay For […]

Ocean Cooling Resumes

May Sea Surface Temperatures (SSTs) are now available, and we can see ocean cooling resuming after a short pause from the downward trajectory during the previous 12 months. HadSST is generally regarded as the best of the global SST data sets, and so the temperature story here comes from that source, the latest version being […]

Trump’s Clexit Prompts a ‘Climate Confederacy’ – ‘Secessionist govts of Calif, NY & Wash, will unilaterally & illegally enter into foreign treaty’

Posted by Daniel Greenfield After President Trump rejected the Paris Climate treaty, which had never been ratified by the Senate, the European Union announced that it would work with a climate confederacy of secessionist states. Scotland and Norway’s environmental ministers have mentioned a focus on individual American states. And the secessionist governments of California, New […]

Warmists Blame ‘Climate Change’ For Thick Sea Ice That Halted Arctic Expedition

By MICHAEL BASTASCH Scientists who cancelled their Arctic expedition due to thick ice conditions haves an interesting excuse for why they had to abandon their research project — climate change. “We’re doing a large-scale climate change study and before we can even get going on it, climate change is conspiring to force us to cancel […]

GOP Lawmaker’s Shooter Was An Anti-Pipeline Activist Who Attended Climate March

By Chris White The shooter at the GOP congressional baseball practice Wednesday was an anti-pipeline activist who had attended a climate protest in March. James Hodgkinson, the Illinois man law enforcement officials believe shot Republican Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana, had signed numerous petitions recently, including one urging citizens to stop the NEXUS Pipeline in Michigan, according […]