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Watch: Marc Morano Sticks It To Al Jazeera TV

By Paul Homewood

The Al Jazeera interviewer comes up with the usual criticisms of Trump, of how he is letting the world down, etc etc.

I can only presume he is not aware of Qatar’s own record in these affairs.

For a start, their emissions of CO2 have been rocketing in the last decade.




CO2 emissions per capita in Qatar are actually the highest in the world, more than three times the US.


According to BP’s latest figures for 2015, renewable energy supplied precisely 0.02% of primary energy consumption.

And Qatar’s INDC contains six pages of waffle, but does not once mention cuts in emissions or targets for renewable energy:



It’s only contribution to the fight against global warming, it appears, is that it has been exporting LNG!



Pots and kettles spring to mind!