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Watch: Morano in contentious Al Jazeera TV debate: ‘Trump waded into a religious war by going after climate pact’

Al Jazeera TV excerpts:

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano: “Trump is fulfilling a campaign promise. Americans don’t have any great love or trust of the UN. The Idea that Trump is withdrawing from a U.N climate agreement is beautiful music to American’s ears.
He is showing true leadership in the face of all this opposition This is what american have been yearning for.
Fossil fuels deliver over 80% of our electricity in U.S. Here is the bottom line: If green energy is such a wonderful investment and Al Gore is out there talking about all the billionaires and millionaires to be made and all the opportunities we don’t need a UN global governance in their own words, redistribution of wealth in their own words, (UN IPCC vice chair has said that)
We don’t need central planning of UN to achieve technology and alleged green jobs panacea. What we need and what Americans need is less regulation and less international bureaucrats meddling in our affairs putting pressure on us telling us what we can and cannot do. This is the core of Trump’s principles going back to the 1980s, He’s America First.
The planet does not see any interest in this deal. There is no impact on this planet from this treaty even if you accept the UN is right on the science.
Al Jazeera anchor: Is Trump isolating himself? He seems to be the only man standing. Nobody seems to agree with him.
Morano: He’s a leader! When Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980, he was called the reckless cowboy and many were worried. This is what leadership looks like, you buck even your allies and do what’s right not only for your country but for the planet. The planet does not need nonsense about a UN climate treaty somehow saving us and now we are all doomed because we did not adhere to it. That is belief in superstition. European leaders will ultimately respect Trump more for taking a strong stand and defying all of their lobbying. This is America reborn. Trump is showing unbelievable courage.
Al Jazeera anchor: Trump is facing criticism from major urban centers.
Morano: “That’s great. They can decentralize it. If LA and NYC wants to abide by it, knock yourself out. The U.S. federal government is out. that is leadership. and a rejection of superstition. If we had to rely on the UN and we actually faced a climate apocalypse we would all be doomed.
The same people attacking trump today, The Democratic mayors are people who hated trump since he announced as a candidate and became president. there is nothing new there except trump is showing extraordinary courage.
This is not even a an environmental lobby anymore. This is religious conviction. Trump waded into a religious war by going after climate pact. The UN chief has actually said global warming is my religion. and Hollywood celebrities have alluded to that, actor Harrison Ford has said he found in nature a replacement for God.
Trump is actually standing up and willing to taking on the religion of climate change. Again, no modern leader other than former Czech President Vaclav Klaus has shown this kind of strength.”
End Excerpt