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‘It’s not a good deal for America’: CNN political commentator shocks network by praising Trump’s UN climate exit

By Nick Givas:

Matt Lewis Schools CNN Panel On Paris Agreement [VIDEO]

Lewis pointed out that Trump ran as a deal maker who promised to put American priorities above all others, and also notes that Obama’s climate agenda would have caused six million Americans to lose their jobs if we were to see it through.

“America with President Obama made an overly ambitious pledge to cut greenhouse emissions,” said Lewis. “What that would do is cost about six million jobs, probably trillions of dollars in energy costs, but what do we get out of it?”

“That’s where the deal really falls apart, ” he says.

Lewis then discussed what would happen if the Paris deal was implemented in full, saying that the benefit would not be worth putting millions of Americans out of work.

“It would shave .02 degrees Celsius off of warming by [the year] 2100,” Lewis claims. “It’s not a good deal for America.”