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Vatican demotes Trump’s arrival to ’employees entrance’ as Pope expected to lobby Prez on climate change

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President Donald Trump’s arrival will not be feted at the Vatican as he will be relegated to a “employees entrance” and a top papal adviser predicted the Pope would change Trump’s mind on “global warming.”

“Trump and his wife Melania arrive Wednesday at the Vatican for a planned 20-minute audience with Pope Francis and Roman Catholic Church leaders they will be received with far less pomp than in Saudi Arabia,” according to Voice of America.

Raymond Arroyo,m the news director and lead anchor of EWTN News, (Eternal Word Television Network) said Trump will be ushered into the Vatican’s “employees entrance.” Arroyo made his comments during an interview on DC radio’s The Larry OConnor Show on WMAL on Monday. Arroyo noted that the entrance Trump and his wife will use is an employees entrance and thus he will not receive much fanfare.

VOA reported: “Their arrival at the Vatican will be via what’s in effect a side-entrance to the Holy See, Porta del Perugino, a consequence of the pope’s request the faithful not be disturbed in St. Peter’s Square on the eve of Ascension Day. The pope is scheduled to hold his regular general audience in the square shortly after meeting Trump. The understated arrival, though, is reflective of an eagerness by both the White House and the Vatican to lower expectations. American and Vatican officials have been nervous in the run-up to the meeting.”

Pope Francis and Trump are expected to discuss a wide range of issues from Middle East peace to immigration to climate change.

A top papal adviser predicted Pope Francis would change Trump’s mind about climate change. See: Vatican Confident Pope Will Change Trump’s View On ‘Global Warming’ At Upcoming Meeting

A senior papal official is confident that Pope Francis will be able to change President Donald Trump’s views on climate change when they meet at the Vatican on May 24. “In the election campaign, he even said it was a Chinese invention to criticize America,” Argentine Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo told Italian wire service ANSA. “But this president has already changed about several things, so perhaps on this as well.”

Pope Francis dedicated his Laudato Si encyclical to climate change and called it “a problem which can no longer be left to a future generation.” Trump, a climate doubter, has criticized the pope and does not agree with the pontiff about the global phenomenon. “They will come to an agreement, since the president claims to be a Christian, and so he will listen to him,” Sanchez Sorondo said. Sanchez Sorondo, the chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, works closely with the pope and has been outspoken on the issue of global warming and its effect on the world’s migrant crisis. In his interview with ANSA, he called the president’s anti-climate executive orders “against science” and “against what the pope says.”



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