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Warmist Katharine Hayhoe: Don’t call skeptics ‘deniers’ – More accurate to call them ‘climate dismissives’

Should We Call Climate-Change Deniers “Dismissives” Instead? A renowned scientist proposes an alternative to a contested word. BY EMILY ATKIN May 9, 2017 NPR’s Rachel Martin had a fascinating interview on Tuesday with Katharine Hayhoe, a renowned climate scientist and evangelical Christian, in which they discussed the toxic nature of the world “climate denier”—a word […]

Bill Nye the Eugenicist, ‘Sex Junk,’ Social Justice Warrior

Written by  William F. Jasper Bill Nye (center in bow tie) is everywhere these days, and he’s out to “save the world.” He’s a frequent talking head on CNN, FOX, NBC, PBS, etc., usually on the supposed need for draconian regulation of humanity to stave off imminent global-warming apocalypse. On April 22nd (Earth Day) he […]

Time for Trump to Fulfill Promise and Withdraw From Paris UN Climate Agreement

By Nicolas Loris & Brett Schaefer  President Donald Trump has promised to make a “big decision” in the next two weeks on the Paris climate accord after promising to “cancel” the agreement during the campaign last year. Fundamentally, the Paris Agreement is a costly and ineffective approach to addressing global warming. There are compelling economic, environmental, and […]


BY CATHERINE LUCEY AND MICHAEL BIESECKER ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House has postponed a Tuesday meeting to discuss whether the United States should withdraw from the landmark international climate deal struck in Paris under the Obama administration. The White House said late Monday that the meeting would be rescheduled. This is the […]

Northern Hemisphere having a tough time shaking off winter By Meteorologist Paul Dorian Vencore, Inc. – Snow is running at well above normal levels across the Northern Hemisphere; courtesy Environment Canada Overview Europe had an extended period of colder-than-normal weather in April accompanied by lots of snow and now much of the US is experiencing an extended period of colder-than-normal weather as we […]