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Killing the Paris Agreement is Not Enough

BY TOM HARRIS · MAY 8, 2017 If President Donald Trump merely pulls the United States out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, it will be like cutting the head off a dandelion. It will look good for a while until equally bad agreements quickly grow back when a Democrat occupies the White House […]

Trump shadow hangs over UN climate talks opening in Bonn

By Matt McGrath Climate negotiators meeting in Bonn have begun their work amid on-going concern about future US participation in the Paris Agreement. These latest talks are aimed at developing the rules for implementing the accord signed in the French capital in 2015. But there is a growing worry that President Trump might soon pull […]

Mr. President, Tear up this (UN climate) treaty

May 2, 2017 by Paul Driessen, At his April 29 Harrisburg, PA rally (starting at13:09) President Trump made one of his strongest statements yet on the Paris climate (non)treaty. “Our government rushed to join international agreements where the United States pays the cost and bears the burdens, while other countries get the benefits and pay […]

Ivanka Trump to review climate change as US mulls UN Paris pullout

WASHINGTON (AP) — Ivanka Trump will head a review of US climate change policy even as President Donald Trump considers pulling the US out of a global emissions-cutting deal. The United States says it it will continue attending United Nations climate change meetings next week in Bonn, Germany next week, but Trump’s advisers will meet […]

Data Analyses Show Rapid Global Surface Cooling, Growing Arctic Ice Thickness

By P Gosselin on 6. May 2017 Analyses show that global temperatures continue their rapid cooling trend, as Schneefan here writes. What follows are excerpts of his recent comprehensive analysis. The cooling comes naturally in the wake of the moderate La Nina conditions that have ruled over the past months. In April surface temperatures 2 meters […]

Oh noes! Global warming kills gut bacteria in lizards

Anthony Watts / 2 hours ago May 8, 2017 From the UNIVERSITY OF EXETER and the department of “likely headed for Retraction Watch” comes this study that doesn’t seem to pass the smell test, because putting lizards in hot boxes isn’t the same as lizards in the wild, and the diurnal variation of temperature far exceeds […]

Study: Antarctic Ice Sheet Has Been Stable For Millions Of Years – During Warmer Temps Than Now

Via: 08/05/17 Antarctic Ice More Stable Than Thought Antarctic Ice Sheet Has Been Stable For Millions Of Years: Study The ice sheets of central Antarctica have been stable for millions of years when conditions were warmer than now, a new research has found. Researchers from the Universities of Edinburgh and Northumbria studied rocks on slopes […]

Paper: ‘Earth On Course For 100-Year Mini-Ice Age’ ICE AGE BRITAIN: River Thames will FREEZE OVER on ‘this date’ – and could kill millions A GLOBAL cool down will “march in with vengeance” to usher in a 100-year mini-ice age that could freeze over the River Thames, climate scientists told Daily Star Online. 210 By Joshua Nevett / Published 7th May 2017 Is there going to […]