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Bill Nye’s Edits Gender Selection Episode Proving His Priority Is PC Not Science

Bill Nye The Steve Martin lookalike contest winner turned “Science” Guy is back with a new Netflix series, humbly titled “Bill Nye Saves The World”, and one particular episode is causing an uproar for parents on one side and transgender people on the other. Given that Nye is a die-hard liberal with a mechanical  engineering […]

Jonah Goldberg: The Left Took the Bait on Bret Stephens

His first New York Times column exposed the sanctimonious condescension of the self-appointed defenders of the planet. The last weekend of April delivered one of the more enjoyable spectacles of 2017. It wasn’t Donald Trump’s tent-revival rally in Pennsylvania. Source: Jonah Goldberg: The Left Took the Bait on Bret Stephens


Date: 04/05/17 Ronan Connolly, Michael Connolly & Willie Soon, Journal Hydrological Sciences, April 2017 Re-calibration of Arctic sea ice extent datasets using Arctic surface air temperature records Abstract: A new seasonal and annual dataset describing Arctic sea ice extents for 1901-2015 was constructed by individually re-calibrating sea ice data sources from the three Arctic regions […]

Former UN Climate Chief issues new 2020 Climate ‘Turning Point’

By Paul Homewood Christiana Figueres has not been twiddling her fingers since stepping down from the UNFCCC. Instead, she is at the forefront of the campaign group, Mission 2020. They have recently issued this press release:   The report on which these recommendations are based was called “2020: The Climate Turning Point”. […]

GLOBAL WARMING: Eating INSECTS ‘could help tackle climate change’

Replacing half of the meat eaten worldwide with crickets and mealworms would cut farmland use by a third, substantially reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, researchers say.While consumers’ reluctance to eat insects may limit their consumption, even a small increase would bring benefits, the team says. This could potentially be achieved by using insects as ingredients […]


Date: 04/05/17 Dr David Whitehouse, GWPF Science Editor A new paper has been published in the Analysis section of Nature called Reconciling controversies about the ‘global warming hiatus.’ It confirms that the ‘hiatus’ or ‘pause’ is real. It is also rather revealing. It attempts to explain the ‘Pause’ by looking into what is known about […]

There Has Been No ‘Global’ Warming In The Southern Hemisphere, Equatorial Regions

Half The Planet Has Not Cooperated With The ‘Global’ Warming Narrative According to overseers of the long-term instrumental temperature data, the Southern Hemisphere record is “mostly made up”. This is due to an extremely limited number of available measurements both historically and even presently from the south pole to the equatorial regions. Source: There Has […]