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Raw Emotion, Not Science, on Display at People’s Climate March

By WILLIAM M BRIGGS Published on April 29, 20171 Comment

… and the worst are full of passionate intensity.

Madness. Last week came March for Science spokesmodel Bill Nye and his perversions passing for “science.” Now comes shifty George Soros with his tens of millions injected into the populace to stir up heated feelings of “science.”

We resist, they say. We build, they claim. We rise, they threaten.

These declarations are from the homepage of the People’s Climate March, as brave and as forthright as any communist slogan.

Did they say climate march? Not quite. Instead, a mob gathered for, in their words, “climate, jobs, and justice.” Jobs? Justice?

What happened, you might ask, to global warming? Forgotten. Well, it’s impolite to mention it because, of course, it has gone missing. The planet’s top scientists, having spent billions in the search, are more than a little embarrassed about not being able to find it. It’s gauche to mention it, so let’s leave them in peace and maybe, at long last, and after spending a few billion more, they’ll surprise us all.

Let’s instead talk about these marchers. Why do they say they “rise”? Well, they want to “immediately stop attacks on immigrants, communities of color, indigenous and tribal people and lands and workers.”

Global warming has been attacking immigrants?