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Unusual Cold Wave & Heavy Snows Hit Europe

*COLD WAVE HITS EUROPE* By Meteorologist Paul Dorian Vencore, Inc. Climate Info Lower atmosphere (850 mb, ~5000 feet) temperature anomaly forecast map for tonight across Europe by the 00Z Euro model; map courtesy Overview A cold wave has hit Europe and it looks like much of the continent will stay well below normal right […]

President Trump Should Run, Not Walk, Away From The Paris Climate Treaty

The Paris Climate Treaty is a heat-seeking missile aimed solely at American jobs that will do nothing to reduce global warming. Why would we deploy it?   By Joseph Bast APRIL 18, 2017 Top officials in the Trump administration apparently are debating whether to withdraw from the Paris Climate Treaty, an agreement negotiated in the waning years of […]

Venezuela Blames ‘Climate Change’ after Its Troops Invade Colombia – Border blurred by ‘constantly changing direction of a river’

TODAY VENEZUELA – Venezuela tried to downplay its illegal entry of troops into Colombia this week by claiming the constantly changing direction of a river near the border accidentally led the soldiers beyond their jurisdiction. Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez said the Venezuelan soldiers entered Colombia’s eastern department of Arauca as a result of the Arauca […]

Memo To Trump: Run, Don’t Walk, From The Destructive UN Paris Climate Treaty

IBD COMMENTARY Memo To Trump: Run, Don’t Walk, From The Destructive Paris Climate Treaty Dr. James Hansen, the former head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and an advocate for harsh measures to fight climate change, called the Paris Climate Treaty “a fraud, really, a fake.” (AP) TERRY JONES 7:01 PM ET Donald Trump […]

White House Officials Split On Whether Trump Should Pull Out Of Paris Climate Deal

Senior administration officials are split down the middle over whether the president should keep or break his campaign promise to pull the United States out of the Paris climate deal. Though Donald Trump’s top policy advisers were scheduled to meet Tuesday afternoon to determine a path forward, the meeting was canceled because of “scheduling conflicts,” […]