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CO2 Science Magazine Warming trends that were once among the highest recorded on earth have slowed and even reversed to show cooling. Paper Reviewed – Oliva, M., Navarro, F, Hrbácek, F., Hernández, A., Nývlt, D., Pereira, P., Ruiz-Fernández, J. and Trigo, R. 2017. Recent regional climate cooling on the Antarctic Peninsula and associated impacts on the cryosphere. Science of the […]

New Paper: N. Hemisphere Temps Rose 4–5°C Within ‘A Few Decades’ 14,700 Years Ago – 40 Times Faster Than Today’s Rates

By Kenneth Richard on 13. April 2017  Temperatures, Sea Levels ‘Naturally’ Rise  30 – 40 Times Faster Than Today’s Rates Modern Temperatures Only Rising 0.05°C/Decade Since 1850, CO2 concentrations have risen from 285 ppm to 400 ppm.  During these ~165 years, the IPCC has concluded that surface temperatures have warmed by 0.78°C.  This is a warming […]

EPA chief sued for doubting global warming hysteria

EPA chief Scott Pruitt has been sued for his recent comments on CNBC’s Squawk Box. The lawsuit is here. The media release is below. ### For Immediate Release: Apr 13, 2017 Contact: Kirsten Stade (202) 265-7337 EPA’S PRUITT SUED TO BACK UP CLIMATE CHANGE CLAIMS Pruitt Should Put Up Evidence Supporting Stance or Cease Climate […]

What “permanent drought”? New all-time rainfall record set for California

From the California Dept. of Water Resources Northern Sierra Precipitation Sets Water Year Record Atmospheric Rivers Pushed Total to 89.7 Inches since October 1 SACRAMENTO – Never in nearly a century of Department of Water Resources (DWR) recordkeeping has so much precipitation fallen in the northern Sierra in a water year. Source: What “permanent drought”? […]

Cheers! Trump Is Dismantling the Obama ‘Climate Change’ Agenda

by Roger Aronoff on April 13, 2017 Print:   Share: The leftist mainstream media are outraged that President Donald Trump appears to be sticking to his campaign promise to “cancel” U.S. participation in the Paris climate accord. The headline in The Washington Post is “Trump’s energy review blocks Group of Seven from consensus.” Politico’s headline […]

‘March for Science’ fully admits: ‘The march is explicitly a political movement’ Q: How does the march define being political? A: “The march is explicitly a political movement, aimed at holding leaders in politics and science accountable. When institutions of any affiliation skew, ignore, misuse or interfere with science, we have to speak out. Science should inform political decision making. At the same time, political decisions […]

‘March for Science’ Group Laments Trump’s Bombing Of ‘Marginalized’ ISIS Fighters By MICHAEL BASTASCH The organization behind the “March for Science” tweeted the Trump administration’s bombing Islamic State fighters in Afghanistan is “an example of how science is weaponized against marginalized people.” The march’s Twitter account sent out the tweet lamenting the bombing in reply to a post by activist Zellie Imani with the Black Liberation […]