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The deputy secretary-general of the United Nations says the Trump administration must be “brought back to the table” on climate change, despite repeatedly pledging to pull out of an agreement aiming to reduce carbon emissions. Amina J. Mohammed says the international community has a responsibility to convince President Donald Trump of the benefits of fighting global warming after he repeatedly pledged to […]

Every green initiative has been a disaster says Christopher Booker

Nine years ago, MPs voted almost unanimously for then Labour minister Ed Miliband’s Climate Change Act, thus making Britain the only country in the world committed by law to cut its ‘carbon emissions’ by 80 per cent in just 40 years. Not one of those politicians bothered to wonder how in practice such an absurdly […]

The Magic Disappearing $100 Billion UN Climate Fund

Shocking news—the magic $100 billion climate fund appears not to be taking shape! Even optimistic estimates sat the fund is $40 billion short, and developing countries say that understates the problem. The Financial Times: Climate ministers from Europe, India, Brazil and South Africa have gone to Beijing in recent weeks, hoping to sustain momentum from […]

Hey Al Gore ! Explain this! Bottom drops out of US hurricanes in past decade

By Anthony Watts Inconvenient data for those who still insist climate change is making hurricanes more frequent is displayed in these two slides from Dr. Philip Klotzbach. As noted by Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. The bottom dropped out of US hurricanes over the last 10 years. quoted Al Gore back in 2005: … the […]

EPA chief Pruitt on rogue employees, the environment, and frivolous lawsuits

Paris accord a ‘bad deal’ Pruitt reiterated on Fox & Friends we need to leave the Paris climate accord, once again calling it a “bad deal” for Americans. China and India, he said, have no obligations to reduce CO2 emissions until 2030 even as the United States continues to lower its own emissions at the […]

Oh No! Not another ‘tipping point!’: World must hit zero carbon emissions ‘well before 2040’, scientists warn – ‘To prevent global warming getting out of hand’

Humans must reduce net greenhouse gases emissions to zero “well before 2040” in order to ensure global warming does not go above 1.5 degrees Celsius by the end of the century, scientists have warned after carrying out a study using a sophisticated new computer model. The analysis suggests that efforts to prevent temperatures rising to […]

‘Climate change’ causes quietest cyclone season in Southern Hemisphere

Spot the effect of man-made CO2 in this graph. Terror, terror I tell you — as the accumulated energy of cyclones in the southern half of the planet reaches a new low, far below anything seen in records that go back to 1971. From the Daily Caller, and @Ryan Maue Meteorologist Ryan Maue of Weatherbell […]