New York, other states challenge Trump over climate change regulation

A coalition of 17 U.S. states filed a legal challenge on Wednesday against efforts by President Donald Trump’s administration to roll back climate change regulations, deepening a political rift over his emerging energy policies. Led by New York state, the coalition said the administration has a legal duty to regulate emissions of the gases scientists […]

Actress Patricia Arquette: We’ll ‘pay a huge price’ for Trump’s climate policies

Actress Patricia Arquette, an outspoken critic of President Trump, says climate change is the one issue really keeping her up at night. It’s “something we can’t turn back the clock on,” Arquette said Monday night in Washington, D.C. “Dismantling the [Environmental Protection Agency] and rolling back all these climate regulations … we’re going to pay […]

Global Warming and Hurricanes – NOAA says no measurable effect yet

From NOAA’s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory: Global Warming and Hurricanes An Overview of Current Research Results 1. Has Global Warming Affected Hurricane or Tropical Cyclone Activity? Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory/NOAA Last Revised: Mar. 17, 2017 A. Summary Statement Two frequently asked questions on global warming and hurricanes are the following: Have humans already caused a… […]

Falling Sea Level: The Critical Factor in 2016 Great Barrier Reef Bleaching!

Guest essay by Jim Steele Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University and author of Landscapes & Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism It is puzzling why the recent 2017 publication in Nature, Global Warming And Recurrent Mass Bleaching Of Corals by Hughes et al. ignored the most critical factor affecting… […]


News Release — Green Mountain College April 3, 2017 Contact: Dawn Ringel, Warner Communications [email protected] or 781-449-8456 Poultney, Vermont – April 4, 2017 – Green Mountain College President Robert (Bob) Allen, today announced that climatologist and geophysicist Michael E. Mann will deliver the commencement address during the college’s 2017 commencement ceremony which will be held on […]

Warmists seek K-12 ban on book challenging global warming

By PAUL BEDARD  • 4/4/17 6:00 PM Three prominent House liberals have called for what amounts to a mass burning of books and DVDs that question global warming and sent to 200,000 K-12 teachers, a ban rejected as an “April Fool’s joke” by the science institute that provided the materials for free. “Is this a […]