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Mag: ‘The UN Paris Agreement Is Burning’ – Trump’s EPA climate reversal ‘will basically render UN agreement null’

New Republic – BY EMILY ATKIN [Trump’s EPA executive order] will basically render the Paris agreement null. Leading climate scientists and climate policy experts told me the order—paired with Trump’s recent indication that he wants to undo car fuel efficiency standards—will leave the U.S. unable to meet its commitments under the international accord. And if […]

Sorry for the inconvenience, but Gore’s back

By Chris Woodward ( Action films, romantic comedies, and animations aren’t the only things coming to theaters this summer – so is Al Gore. Gore: “The next generation would be justified in looking back at us and asking: ‘What were you thinking? Couldn’t you hear what the scientists were saying? Couldn’t you hear what Mother […]

Al Gore Has Made Another Science Fiction Movie About ‘Global Warming’

COMMENTARY Al Gore Has Made Another Science Fiction Movie About Global Warming Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore addresses participants during a three-day climate change training and workshop on how best to address the effects of global climate change in the Philippines. Gore, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, has a new movie […]

Earth Hour: Hey, Let’s Live Like We’re In Venezuela

COMMENTARY Earth Hour: Hey, Let’s Live Like We’re In Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela: A mother with her children are walking past a man searching for food in waste in the street of Caracas. Every hour is “Earth Hour” in Caracas and other socialist “paradises.”(Polaris/Newscom) KERRY JACKSON 3/27/2017 Reprints Has there ever been in the history of […]

Trump’s Next Step on Climate: Reconsider EPA’s CO2 is a ‘pollutant’ finding

On Tuesday, in a series of orders, Mr. Trump instructed the Environmental Protection Agency to rework its Clean Power Plan, which would restrict carbon emissions from existing power plants, mainly coal-fired ones. Last year the U.S. Supreme Court stayed enforcement of the CPP pending judicial review. Mr. Trump also directed the Interior Department to lift […]


Date: 30/03/17 Andrew Follett, The Daily Caller President Donald Trump is looking to cut another $140 million in funding from government-funded global warming science programs, according to Trump will ask Congress to cut $90 million in funding for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) weather satellite programs and another $50 million from NASA global warming science […]