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STUDY: Current Global Warming Is ‘Not Outside The Range Of Natural Variations’

By MICHAEL BASTASCH A UK-based climate policy group has put out an annual climate assessment “exclusively on observations rather than climate models” to serve as a counterpoint to those put out by the United Nations and government agencies that warn of unabated global warming. The Global Warming Policy Foundation’s (GWPF) climate assessment, like the World Meteorological […]

Trump Ally Calls For US To Roll Back Obama’s Climate Commitment

A close ally to President Trump in the House is urging him to reduce the United States’ international pledge to cut greenhouse gas emissions to fight climate change. Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), who was an energy adviser and public ally for Trump’s campaign, made arguments for a revised commitment in a letter outlining three conditions […]

More ‘settled science’… land-based microbes harming coral reefs

Should be considered along with the recent study on the effects of “dead zones” on coral reefs. Read about dead zones and coral reefs. The media release for the microbe study is below. ### Land-based microbes may be invading and harming coral reefs AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MICROBIOLOGY A new study suggests that coral reefs–already under […]

Fairbanks, Alaska Having Their Coldest March On Record

March temperatures in Fairbanks have been plummeting for 35 years, and so far this has been the coldest March on record there, averaging -23C. March 1981 was 20C (36F) warmer than this month. Tweet Source: Fairbanks, Alaska Having Their Coldest March On Record