Vatican Odd Couple: Popes Francis & Benedict ‘in complete disagreement…never talk to one another’

Via: Bombshell from Vatican: Benedict and Francis “in complete disagreement”, “never talk to one another” By Andrew Parrish (ROME) – Speaking at a March 16th conference in Limburg, Germany, the long-time Vatican correspondent Andreas Englisch has delivered an explosive allegation: In contradiction of public appearances, Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI “are in […]

Climate change helped cause Brexit, says Al Gore

By Ian Johnston Environment Correspondent Brexit was caused in part by climate change, former US Vice-President Al Gore has said, warning that extreme weather is creating political instability “the world will find extremely difficult to deal with”. Mr Gore, speaking at an event in which he previewed a sequel to his landmark 2006 documentary, An Inconvenient […]

DC Science March Organizers Racked By Infighting Over ‘Diversity’

The “March for Science” is being ripped apart by organizers who want to make gender and racial diversity the center of a march initially formed to push back against the Trump administration’s allegedly “anti-science” stance. Tensions over the march’s stance on diversity has caused some organizers to quit and many scientists to pledge not to attend […]

Sen. Inhofe says environmentalist policies undermine US economy and national security

By KEVIN MOONEY, CONTRIBUTOR • 3/23/17 2:19 PM Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., has “some good news” for Americans who have been burdened by environmental regulations and the dubious scientific findings that have been used to justify those regulations. “Obama’s war on fossil fuels is temporarily over,” he said during a video presentation this morning addressing […]

New Bill Protects ‘Global Warming’ Skeptics From Prosecution

A Maine lawmaker wants to protect people on both sides of the global warming debate from being prosecuted by the attorney’s general office or punished by state agencies. Republican state Rep. Larry Lockman introduced legislation to “limit the attorney general’s ability to investigate or prosecute people based on their political speech, including their views on […]

Russian Scientists Dismiss ‘Global Warming’, Predict Decades Of Cooling

Via: By Kenneth Richard on 23. March 2017 Scientific Papers Predict Cooling In Coming Decades A new scientific paper authored by seven scientists affiliated with the Russian Academy of Sciences was just published in the scientific journal Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics. The scientists dismiss both “greenhouse gases” and variations in the Sun’s […]

Watch Live from DC! Skeptics gather at 12th International Conference on Climate Change

Livestream Youtube Day 1: (Constitution Ballroom A-B) (Constitution Ballroom C-F)   Livestream Youtube Day 2: (Constitution Ballroom A-B) (Constitution Ballroom C-F) The 12th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC-12) will take place on Thursday and Friday, March 23–24 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington, DC, and you will not want […]