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Global CO2 Emissions Have Stopped Rising, International Energy Agency Says

Global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions were flat for a third straight year in 2016 even as the global economy grew, according to the International Energy Agency, signaling a continuing decoupling of emissions and economic activity. Source: Global CO2 Emissions Have Stopped Rising, International Energy Agency Says

Potsdam PIK Climate Director Says We Will Have To Go Back To Mud Huts By 2040

Germany’s Deutsche Welle (DW) here presents a commentary by Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, the director of German ultra-alarmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. Professor Schellnhuber fears that the planet could warm even as much as 12°C if man does not act quickly to totally eliminate greenhouse gases. Source: Potsdam PIK Climate Director Says We Will […]


While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will never admit it, the 2015 Paris climate treaty Canada signed with great fanfare died last week. It died because of the release of U.S. President Donald Trump’s 2018 budget plan. While Trump has to get it through the U.S. Congress, which means parts of it are unlikely to survive, […]

Oops… ‘scientists’ overlooked effect of ‘dead zones’ on coral reefs

Not global warming. Not ocean acidification. Key quotes: … they suspected it was caused by a dead zone–a low-oxygen area that snuffs out marine life–rather than by ocean warming or acidification… The team thinks that such dead zones may be common in the tropics but have gone largely unreported, simply because scientists never looked… Based […]

Blank Sun Transitions Towards Solar Minimum

The sun is currently blank with no visible sunspots and this is the 14th straight day with a blank look which is the longest such stretch since April 2010 according to . A blank look to the sun on Monday, March 20, and it has now been blank for two weeks straight; image courtesy […]

Third weakest solar cycle since 1755

The Sun has been spotless for two weeks straight, says meteorologist Anthony Watts. This makes it the longest stretch with zero sunspots since April 2010 Solar cycle 24, the solar cycle we are now in, has been historically weak, says Watts. “There have already been 26 spotless days in 2017 (34% of the entire year) […]