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Paper: Fight against ‘climate change’ finds an unlikely ally — Trump – His support of fracking will cause lower emissions

YESTERDAY by: Pilita Clark, Environment Correspondent Is Donald Trump about to become a leading force in the global effort to combat climate change? It seems unlikely, considering the US president has called global warming a “hoax” concocted by China ( to hurt US industry and vowed to unpick the Paris climate accord that is supposed to curb rising temperatures. However, new data from the International Energy Agency showing that carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels have remained flat for three years in a row, despite a growing global economy, suggest Mr Trump might play a bigger climate role than expected. One reason emissions have stalled is that the shale revolution hailed by Mr Trump has led to a surge in cheaper natural gas that has pushed out coal in the US. The shale boom has already 3/17/2017 Fight against climate change finds an unlikely ally: Donald Trump 2/6 helped drive down gas prices and may accelerate as Mr Trump moves to ease drilling regulations and spur what Fatih Birol, IEA executive director, called a “de-bottlenecking” of gas infrastructure