CLAIM: ‘Global warming’ to shrink mammals — Horses down to size of cats

Illustration provided by the Florida Museum of Natural History shows a comparison of a Sifrhippus sandrae, right, with a modern Morgan horse that stands about 5 feet tall at the shoulder. (Florida Museum of Natural History, illustration by Danielle Byerley via AP) By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS | PUBLISHED: March 15, 2017 at 11:58 am | […]

Flashback: ‘Global warming” could lead to 10ft reptiles

Could global warming lead to 10ft reptiles? Scientists say small plant-eating lizards could grow to the size of Komodo dragons By VICTORIA WOOLLASTON PUBLISHED: 13:08 EDT, 11 July 2013 | UPDATED: 13:10 EDT, 11 July 2013 Fossils of a giant lizard discovered in Burma have led scientists to believe a rise in temperature 40 million […]

Doctor groups take up ‘global warming’ advocacy – ‘Will tell the public their health is threatened by’ man-made climate

Bradley J. Fikes Contact Reporter – San Diego Union-Tribune Patients should be prepared for future meetings with their doctors to include discussions of global warming. Under a political advocacy campaign launched Wednesday, a coalition of physician groups will tell the public that their health is threatened by catastrophic man-made global warming, also called climate change. Participating doctors will […]

Report: Trump Commands State Department to Slash $10 Billion UN Funding in Half

by PENNY STARR 14 Mar 2017 President Donald Trump has instructed the State Department to slash its $10 billion budget for funding United Nations programs by as much as 50 percent, Foreign Policy is reporting. The article said the move is “signaling an unprecedented retreat by [the] administration from international operations that keep the peace, provide vaccines […]

Cheers! Trump Is Ready to Reduce the Role of Climate Change in Policy Decisions

By Reuters – U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration is preparing to release a wide-ranging executive order to reduce the role that climate change plays in policy decisions, according to a Trump administration official who reviewed a draft of the order. The move could alter how U.S. agencies weigh regulations on a broad array of industries, […]