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Lomborg Blasts UN Paris Treaty’s $100 Trillion Price Tag For No Temp Impact: ‘You won’t be able to measure it in 100 years’

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Via: Newsbusters – By James Powers

$100 trillion for a 0.3 degree temperature drop.

That’s a price tag that sounds acceptable to liberals, but not to everyone. An economist and environmentalist who says man-made climate change is real still argues that is “an incredibly expensive way to do almost no good.”

Self-proclaimed “skeptical environmentalist and” president of the Copenhagen Consensus Center Bjorn Lomborg appeared on FBN’s Varney & Company on Feb. 14, to discuss The Paris Agreement. He advised the new president to drop the agreement and focus on other solutions. He also criticized the expense of the deal, for what it would supposedly do to temperatures.

“If everyone does all they promised — and remember the track record ain’t that good — but if everyone does all they promised and do it all the way through the century, we’ll reduce temperatures by end of the century by 0.3 degrees Fahrenheit,” Lomborg said. “You won’t be able to measure it in a one hundred years,” he added.

“Yet the costs will be somewhere between $1 trillion and $2 trillion a year. Paying $100 trillion for no good is not a good deal.”

Lomborg recommended that President Donald Trump drop the Paris Agreement but added that “if you want to do something about climate” then we must “invest in research and development into green energy sources.”

He said the debate about the Paris Agreement is “about identity politics. It’s about feeling good… but the climate doesn’t care about how you feel. It’s about doing good.”

“The reason why we emit CO2 — remember, we don’t do it to annoy Al Gore — we do it because it powers everything we like about civilization. So we want permanent and good and cheap energy. Right now we get that from fossil fuels. If we are going to get it from some other source, we need that to be much much cheaper.”

That U.N. climate treaty was approved in late 2015 and signed by former President Obama in April 2016. Reuters reported the deal’s terms began to take effect Nov. 4, 2016.

The liberal media have exaggerated the supposed positive impacts of the agreement. NBC’s Ron Allen praised Obama’s support for the climate agreement and claimed it was “designed to stop” storms like Hurricane Matthew.