Malia Obama Joins Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

Follow Mercury News ✔@mercnews Malia Obama joins Dakota Access pipeline protest at Sundance  4:17 PM – 27 Jan 2017 4,3814,381 Retweets 7,4707,470 likes Malia Obama joined a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline at the Sundance Film Festival on Monday.

The Urgency of Revoking the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Endangerment Finding

Alan Carlin | January 27, 2017 The Trump Administration has been rolling out Executive orders on a daily basis to implement many of President Trump’s campaign promises. These include a number of orders related to environmental and energy policy. But possibly because Trump never made any promises related to revoking the USEPA Greenhouse Gas (GHG) […]

Russian icebreakers stuck in ‘very heavy severe ice conditions’ in Arctic

Date: 27/01/17 By Ron Clutz, Science Matters The saga shows that despite all the talk of climate change and warming in the Arctic, thick ice can prevent convoys from crossing the Northern Sea Route in deep winter. Vessels Kapitan Dranitsyn and Admiral Makarov ‘marooned’ in east for the rest of winter after getting trapped […]

Trump Official: We’re Gonna Cut The EPA In Half

The former leader of President Donald Trump’s EPA transition team said Thursday he expects the president to slash the agency’s budget and staff. Myron Ebell, the director of the Center for Energy at free market group Competitive Enterprise Institute, told reporters that Trump is considering reducing by magnitudes the agency’s workforce. It currently stands at […]