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Cheers! Climate change summit canceled by CDC amid uncertainty of a Trump presidency

Climate change is a public health issue by Alessandra Potenza@ale_potenza Jan 23, 2017, 11:37am EST The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quietly canceled a climate change summit scheduled for next month in Atlanta, according to E&E News, a trade publication for energy and environment professionals. The news comes a few days after Donald […]

Wacky Claim: Forests ‘held their breath’ during global warming ‘pause’

Anthony Watts / 1 hour ago January 23, 2017 From the UNIVERSITY OF EXETER comes this wacky headline: Forests ‘held their breath’ during global warming hiatus, research shows Global forest ecosystems, widely considered to act as the lungs of the planet, ‘held their breath’ during the most recent occurrence of a warming hiatus, new research […]

‘The Beginning of the End of EPA’

by JAY H. LEHR, PH.D.23 Jan 2017588 At the Republican National Convention last summer, the GOP approved a platform that stated: “We propose to shift responsibility for environmental regulation from the federal bureaucracy to the states and to transform the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] into an independent bipartisan commission, similar to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, […]

Trump plans to ban the EPA from funding science, report says

Donald Trump plans to ban the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from funding science, and “overhaul” its use of science from outside groups, according to a Monday report published in Axios. The EPA is the agency charged with protecting America’s clean air and water, and under former President Barack Obama, it took significant steps to combat […]

SOURCE: Career EPA Staffers Will Undermine Trump, Leak To The Press

An unnamed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) source warned that agency employees will leak information about “actions they deem ill-advised or illegal” to environmental groups and the media, Politico reports. The unnamed career staffer, whose identity Politico keeps anonymous, warned EPA employees “who stay to fight actions they deem ill-advised or illegal by quietly providing information […]

Gore Rewrites ‘Inconvenient’ Claim about NYC Flooding in ‘Sequel’

By Julia A. Seymour Critics gave former Vice President Al Gore grief for predicting in An Inconvenient Truth that major cities including lower Manhattan would be underwater if severe ice melt occurred. Now Gore is rewriting history to claim his prediction came true in promotion footage of his upcoming film, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to […]

Arctic Sea Ice Grows Back To 2006 Levels

Sea ice charts for 18 January from NSIDC Masie show exactly as much sea ice in 2017 as there was back in 2006 – 13.4 million km^2. Masie image below from 2006 (enlarged and cropped from archived version and label re-inserted) shows the distribution of ice was slightly different than this year (less in Baffin Bay/Davis Strait/Labrador Sea, more […]