Close this search box. orchestrates ‘Day Against Denial’ protesting Trump’s cabinet picks

Bone-chilling temperatures across the U.S. haven’t stopped from holding a “Day Against Denial,”featuring #Climate Change protests and events today asking people to tell their U.S. Senators to reject President-elect #Donald Trump’s cabinet picks. Specifically, choices like Rex Tillerson (State Dept.), Rick Perry (Energy Dept.), Jeff Sessions (AG), and Scott Pruitt (EPA head). is an activist group led by extremist Bill McKibben, who had previously said we should fight global warming just like we did the Nazis in WWII.

With reports that employees at the EPA and Energy Dept. started crying and needed counseling after Trump’s win, it’s no surprise to see exploiting those fears. And climatologist Michael Mann of ‘hockey stick’ fame told nearly 26,000 scientists last month to make their voices heard in the name of scientific research and “for the sake of the entire planet.” Even meteorologist Eric Holthaus released a tweet saying he was seeking counseling over his “climate despair.”