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Bill Nye heading to Netflix to ‘take on climate change deniers’

Bill Nye, the self proclaimed “Science Guy”, is welcoming 2017 with a new effort to battle climate change skeptics. Nye, after entertaining the idea of jailing climate skeptics, is now set to battle them in a new Netflix program, with the help of a supermodel. See: Bill Nye, ‘The Jail-The-Skeptics Guy!’: Nye entertains idea of jailing […]

Despite new claims, global warming temperature pause ‘still going strong’

By THOMAS RICHARD According to a new study, the rate of ocean warming for the past 19 years was rising nearly twice as fast than originally measured, but land temps still show a global warming pause. Previously, sea surface temperatures (SSTs) were rising at 0.07C per decade, but the new paper shows it’s actually .12C. But […]

EPA To Alaskans In Sub-Zero Temps: Stop Burning Wood To Keep Warm or Face Fines

Via: By John Daniel Davidson In Jack London’s famous short story, “To Build A Fire,” a man freezes to death because he underestimates the cold in America’s far north and cannot build a proper fire. The unnamed man—a chechaquo, what Alaska natives call newcomers—is accompanied by a wolf-dog that knows the danger of the cold and […]