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Academic Suggests Banning Trump From Twitter Over Climate Views

A California State University academic believes President-elect Donald Trump should be barred from using the Internet because he’s a global warming skeptic. Joseph Palermo, a history professor and writer at the Cal State, suggested that Republicans who don’t believe in so-called man-made global warming should not be allowed to use anything produced using science. “If […]

Economist Thomas Sowell Is Retiring — His First Column Exposed 1970s ‘Ice Age’ Alarmism Sowell’s first column ever, titled “The Profits of Doom,” was written decades before the global warming hysteria among today’s environmentalists. During the 1970s, scientists were warning of a coming ice age. “The first column I ever wrote, 39 years ago, was titled ‘The Profits of Doom,’” Sowell wrote in his final column, according to […]

First Week of 2017: Record Cold, 48 States Going Below Freezing

First Week of 2017: Record Cold, 48 States Going Below Freezing December 28th, 2016 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. It is increasingly looking like the first full week of 2017 will be greeted with a cold air outbreak over the Lower 48 states that will be widespread and persistent. Early next week the cold […]

Trump Fires Another Shot at the ‘Sad!’ UN

On Friday, President-elect Donald Trump signaled that major change was coming to the way America approached the United Nations. Source: Trump Fires Another Shot at the ‘Sad!’ UN


Date: 27/12/16 Ben Wolfgang, The Washington Times As soon as President-elect Donald Trump assumes office Jan. 20, Republican attorneys general who have spent the past eight years battling the Obama administration’s climate change agenda will have a new role: supporting the Republican president’s complex legal effort to roll back that agenda. Republicans have begun exercising […]

Gov. Jerry Brown: California Will Work With Foreign Gov’t On Climate Policies

California Gov. Jerry Brown said Monday his state will bypass Washington, D.C., and work instead with foreign governments on ways to reduce climate change. Brown, a Democrat, said that he and other Golden State lawmakers would work directly with other countries to strengthen some of the most stringent environmental policies in the world. “California can […]

Enviro: Trump Sec. of State pick Tillerson Should be ‘Strung Up’ for ‘Fraud’

Via: Erich Pica is with us. He is president of Friends of the Earth U.S.A. ERICH PICA: “Rex Tillerson should be indicted for corporate fraud and for lying to the American public, lying to the world, lying to their shareholders. And so, he should be strung up, and the company should be strung up, in […]