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Donald Trump’s pro-business, Christie-free cabinet comforts conservatives

By Paul Mulshine | The Star Ledger Follow on Twitter on December 11, 2016 at 6:28 AM, updated December 11, 2016 at 9:45 AM A lot of conservatives were worried that as president Donald Trump would abandon the right-wing positions he espoused in the campaign. Trump has put them at ease by doing two things. […]

Al Gore Announces Inconvenient Truth II: Will It Be Called ‘All The Stuff That Didn’t Happen?’

Post by Ben Bowles and Jeff Dunetz Perhaps it’s because most of the calamities predicted in the first movie didn’t happen, hurricanes didn’t increase in frequency and strength, polar ice caps didn’t melt, NY and other coastal cities aren’t underwater,   Mt. Kilimanjaro still is snow-capped, tornadoes aren’t increasing in frequency and strength, the arctic isn’t melting, the […]