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Flashback: Trump’s pick for EPA chief declared EPA climate regs were like ‘gun to the head’

May 5, 2015:

Testifying before the US Senate, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt disagrees with the notion of any ‘flexibility’ for the States to comply with EPA’s climate change inspired power plant regulations. Attorney General Pruitt: ‘If this is such a flexible arrangement that’s offered to the states, if this is really within the bounds of cooperative federalism, why is it that the EPA, presently, is in the process of developing a uniform Federal Implementation Plan that they’re going to put on the shelf, to then say to the states, unless you act in a particular way, unless you act consistent with the rule, this is what you are going to get. That to me does not sound like cooperation. That does not sound like partnership. That sounds like the proverbial gun to the head of making states act a particular way.’

– Senate Environment and Public Works Committee
– May 5, 2015